List of Official Samsung Call Center Services  in Indonesia
List of Official Samsung Call Center Services  in Indonesia

List of Official Samsung Call Center Services  in Indonesia

Have you ever contacted a Samsung call center in Indonesia? Did you know that service centers in Indonesia are divided into several channels. The classification of such channels is based on products issued by Samsung. It is not an open secret if the company always provides the latest innovations in each of its products.

Samsung is one of the companies whose name skyrocketed in Indonesia. The company houses the production of electronic devices, gadgets to accessories devices. Samsung group itself concentrates its business in Seol, South Korea. The global company also has subsidiaries that are generally related to the Samsung brand.

At its inception Samsung was a trading company. However, the company expanded after three decades. Starting from the textile industry, securities, insurance, food processing, and retail sectors. Expansion also continued in the 1960s into the electronics industry sector. In the 1970s Samsung also penetrated the construction industry sector.

Some of these industrial sectors make Samsung grow rapidly until now. The company also complements Samsung’s call center services  in accordance with the indrustri sector they are involved in. In Indonesia, Samsung users can make calls to service centers. Here is a list of Samsung service center services.

Samsung Service Center Free of Charge

Samsung product service centers in Indonesia are available in several locations. For example, for the Central Jakarta area which consists of several flashlight services. Such as Cempaka Putih, Biak and Pondok Indah branches. In West Jakarta there is a special service center daan Mogot area.

While the South Jakarta area of the center center is located in Pondok Indah. There are several categories of call center services. Among them are TV, AV, Mobile, household electronics, IT and camera products. In general, the service refers to products managed by samsung group companies. Samsung call centers are divided into two types.

One of them is the type of free service. As the name implies, the service is not charged a free telephone call fee. The term is known as toll-free. In addition, call connections are distinguished according to Samsung product categories. So that customers are connected to the call center as needed.

For free calls category all products can call 0800-112-8888. The telephone connection is for all samsung product users. Starting from electronic goods, gadgets, IT and others. The call service is available 24 hours every Monday to Sunday. Services are also available during public holidays.

For car use, you can also contact the service center at 0800-112-7777. These contacts can also be used for business purposes. For example, telephone calls from manufacturers and wholesalers. The term is bussines to bussines. This call center classification aims to facilitate telephone connections from business people and consumers.

Samsung Call Center Service Charged

Samsung’s product service center in Indonesia is also available in the call subject to charge. The service is a telephone call using the cost burden. So that customers who want to connect with the service center must first ensure the availability of credit. Apparently this one service is different from the previous category.

For call center calls, these costs can be utilized by all samsung product users. Starting from smartphones, tablets, clocks, audio sound, smart switches, TVs, accessories, lifestyle TVs, and sound devices. In addition, there are still products such as refrigerators, laundry, air solutions, cookware, monitors and memory storage.

Broadly speaking, the non-toll free telephone call serves assistance for all categories of Samsung products. Samsung call centers are available from Monday to Sunday. Because the service is based on automated interactive telephone calls, connections are available 24 hours a day.

The connection also remains active on public holidays. To contact the call center can be via telephone connection at 021-56997777. Before starting a telephone call to the call center channel, the customer needs to make sure the type of information they want to get. This is because the cost will be cut directly.

Samsung Call Center Service Via Live Chat

Samsung Indonesia also provides live chat services to customers. The live chat service aims to help consumers who have problems around Samsung products. In addition, live chat also makes it easier for consumers who want to get the latest Samsung products. But help through live chat has its own service character.

Consumers can take advantage of the chat screen feature to connect with customer care. Through the chat screen, consumers can ask some questions about the problems experienced. Not only live chat can take place at any time without any time limit. This is because live chat is available for 24 hours.

One of the advantages of live chat calls is the ease of access that does not need to use credit or paid. Consumers can also end a Q&A session via live chat at any time. To start a call call center Samsung via live chat consumers need to fill in personal data.

These personal data include first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, product model code, product serial number, and warranty period. After the data is filled, consumers are also obliged to explain the problems experienced while using Samsung products. The categories of products that can be consulted are of 6 types.

Among them are mobile phones, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other products. The live chat version is also available via Whatsapp. WaChat connection can be done through the number 0818-02155777. The Whatsapp chat is online for 24 hours. Including during public holidays consumers can still access WA’s live chat service.

Samsung Call Center Service for Online Service

Samsung also presents online service services for consumers of several product categories. The online call center can be used to get some special services. One of them is to find products that have been registered through a special serial number. In addition, there are three other benefits.

Such as requests for help that can be made with a phone call. The other two are samsung product service improvement appointments and tracking repair status. Every consumer who wants to connect with an online service is required to register in advance. Registration can also be done using a Samsung account.

After having a Samsung account, consumers can usually choose their own service access on the official website. Remote assistance is also related to remote services. This service allows consumers to get help through Samsung agents remotely. To access it consumers are at least connected to android 2.4.

Consumers also need to make sure the internet network used is stable. This is because the service utilizes the internet. For a connection to a Samsung agent to be successful requires a fast internet connection. To inquire about the service and remote online services, you can contact the free call center 0800-112-8888 and paid 021-569977777.

Broadly speaking, Samsung’s service center service center service can be accessed by all consumers who use these products. Services are provided to ensure users get information and assistance about the products they use. For security purposes, you should also contact the official Samsung call center in Indonesia.



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