Latest Hermina Hospital Call Center Throughout Indonesia
Latest Hermina Hospital Call Center Throughout Indonesia

Latest Hermina Hospital Call Center Throughout Indonesia

Want to get help with the latest Hermina Hospital call center ? Customer care is always available in various companies. Including one of the hospitals. A place that is used a lot to get care and help. Hospitals are also a reference for various mild and severe health problems.

You are no stranger to this hospital. Hermina is a popular hospital in the country. Hermina Hospitals grew and developed into a hospital that served comprehensive services. In the midst of high community needs Hermina Hospitals increased the number of hospitals.

Until now the hospital has been established in several areas. There are at least 34 Hermina hospitals. Some of them are spread across the islands of Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi. In its development , the Hermina Hospital call center also has a big share. As a call center help center provides all information.

People who contact call centers are generally not just from patients. Except from various walks of life. They usually want to find information on the services that are in the hospital. Some of them want to file insurance claims and about hospitalization costs.

As the name suggests call center is a service provided to share the latest and needed information. Including all services provided at Hermina hospital. Each branch has its own customer care service. The following is a series of information about call centers at Hermina hospitals throughout Indonesia.

Hermina Hospital Call Center in Central Java Province

Java island is divided into several provinces, cities and regencies. The population density in Java is indeed very high. That’s why many hospitals are established on the island of Java. Hermina hospital also grows on the island. Various services are offered to the people in Java.

Starting from hospitalization, specialist and excellent services. But these various services often leave questions for people who are going to Hermina hospital for the first time. To facilitate service information, there are call centers of Hermina Hospital at each branch in Java Island.

Like the Solo branch which is addressed on Jalan Col Sutarto, Surakarta. To connect with the telephone call service for Hermina Solo Hospital can call 0271-638989. Meanwhile, emergency department or IGD installation services can call 0271-636122. The call center service is also available in Yogyakarta.

Hermina Yogyakarta Hospital is located at Jalan Selokan Mataram, Sleman. To connect with the call center of Hermina Yogyakarta hospital, prospective patients can call telephone number 0274-2800808. In addition to the city of Yogayakarta Hermina hospital was also built in Purwokerto. Purwokerto branch of Hermina Hospital call center is 0281-7772525.

Hermina Hospitals also expanded its services in Semarang. Precisely on Jalan Jenderal Pol Anton Sujarwo Number 195a. The call center service of Hermina Banyumanik Hospital Semarang is 024-7488989. In addition to Banyumanik Hospital there is also Hermina Galaxi. The hospital is located in Grand Galaxy City Shophouse with telephone number 021-8222525.

Call Center of Hermina Hospital West and East Java

In addition to developing into a large hospital apparently Hermina Hospitals also has branches in East Java. You can find the hospital building in malang. Hermina Hospital stands on Jalan Tangkuban Perahu number 31-33 Malang City.

To connect with the call center service of Hermina Hospital Malang branch, patients can call telephone number 0341-325082. In addition, there is also a branch of Hermina hospital in West Java Province. Starting from the cities of Tangerang, Banten, Bogor, South Tangerang, Sukabumi, Bandung, Depok, to the Bekasi area.

The Bekasi branch call center on Prosperity Street Number 39 is 021-8842121. In the same area there is also the Herlina Grand Wisata hospital. Precisely on Jalan Festival Boulevard Blok Ja Number 1, Bekasi. The CS service number that can be contacted is 021-82651212.

Herlina hospital is growing rapidly in Banten and surrounding areas. There are at least 5 hospitals built in the area. Among them are Hermina Hospital tangerang, Ciputat, Serpong, Ciruas, and Bitung branches. Call center of Hermina Jalan Ks Tubun Hospital Number 10 Tangerang is 021-55772525.

To get information about Ciputat branch services, you can call telephone number 021-74702525. Hermina Serpong Hospital located at Puspitek Km 1 Number 99 Banten is supported by call center service 021-7588499. Meanwhile, for Customer care of Hermina Ciruas and Bitung Hospitals, namely 0254-28129 and 021-59497525

Call Center of Hermina Hospital Dki Jakarta Branch

Hermina Hospitals provides health and inpatient services in the capital region. In the Special Area of the Capital City of Jakarta there are several branches. As found in the Jatinegara area. The hospital is located at Jalan Raya Jatinegara Barat Number 126.

To connect with the call center at the hospital, patients can call 021-819223. Hermina Hospital Kemayoran branch is located at Jalan Selangit B-10 Kavling Number 4 Central Jakarta. The service center is connected to the number 021-22602525. There are still two more branches that enter the DKI area.

They are branches of Daan Mogot and Podomoro. Daan Mogot branch hospital is located at Jalan Tanah Lot Number 21 West Jakarta. The call center of Hermina Hospital Daan Mogot branch is 021-54008989. Meanwhile, complete health services can also be carried out at the Podomoro branch with call center 021-6404910.

The address of the Podomoro branch hospital is Jalan Danau Agung 2 Blok E-3 Number 28-30, North Jakarta. Several branches of the hospital built by the Hemina group present facilities according to patient needs. The Podomoro branch itself serves patients 24 hours a day.

Call Center of Hermina Hospital Outer Branch of Java

Hermina Hospitals were also built outside Java. Such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. The expansion of this branch provides benefits and convenience for the people of Indonesia. Moreover, the islands outside Java also have the same hospital access needs. So that the expansion of hospital branches outside Java is considered appropriate.

Palembang hospital branch call center is 0711-352525. Hermina hospital address for the branch is Jalan Basuki Rahmat Number 897, Palembang, South Sumatra. Hermina branches were also built in North Sumatra Province. The building is located on Jalan Asrama / Ampera II, Sei Sikambing CII Village, Medan City.

Patients can contact the call center 061-80862525 to get all information about the services in the Medan branch. Switch to another branch located in East Kalimatan. Balikpapan branch of Hermina Hospital is located at Jalan MT Haryono Number 45, East Kalimantan.

To connect with the customer care service of Hermina Hospital Balikpapan branch can call 0542-8532525. Similarly, the call center branch service is also available for 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Makassar branch is located on Jalan Toddopuli Raya Timur Number 7, South Sulawesi.

Makassar branch hospital call center via telephone 0411-4091817. In essence, Hermina hospital services are spread in the archipelago. With a wide range of call center services are expected to be able to help patients and the public to get information about health. So that the Call Center of Hermina Hospital can play a maximum role.


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