Call Center Prudential Pastikan Customer Get Appropriate Information
Call Center Prudential Pastikan Customer Get Appropriate Information

Call Center Prudential Pastikan Customer Get Appropriate Information

Prudential call center ensures that every customer gets the service information needed. Insurance services today have an important role in securing investments. But sometimes before starting insurance there are various questions that actually make you confused. Therefore customer care services are usually designed to help customers.

Millennials are certainly no strangers to companies that serve professional insurance. Indeed, competition in the insurance world is very tight. This is because of the need for guarantees for everyone in their old age. Prudential was born as part of a group of companies engaged in financial services.

Prudential Indonesia was established in 1995 under the auspices of Prudential plc. The group of companies is well known in England. One of the things that the large group is proud of is that its experience in the life insurance industry has reached 168 years. In this case , the Prudential Indonesia call center took part.

To help customers who want to get services around insurance include some guidelines and short procedures. The goal is that you can more easily get all information related to complaints, insurance, claims process and others. How does Prudential’s call center service procedure help you? Here is the review.

Prudential Call Center Ensures Active Service

In order to develop the potential of insurance services in Indonesia, Prudential provides customer care to prospective and customers. Simply put, there are several alternative services that customers can use to get all the information. Two of them are regarding complaints and insurance policy claims filed by customers.

One of the steps of the Prudential call center is to make sure customers get help by providing customer line services. The service is a telephone call that can be accessed by customers. Customers can contact the customer line via 1500085 number. In accordance with the company’s policy customer line service is available at all times.

This call center service from Prudential company is available in two languages. They are Indonesian and English. You can choose your own customer line service using this language. To use indonesian customer care services can reduce the number 1. While access 2 for English-language services.

Interestingly, customers can also get interactive services automatically through the Prudential insurance call center . Interactive services are automatically available every day aka without time restrictions. The goal is to ensure the service remains active to provide answer satisfaction and assistance to Prudential customers.

Procedures for Contacting Prudential Call Centers in Indonesia

Before you contact customer care Prudential should understand the flow and procedures first. Its function is to reduce dial errors or errors in telephone calls. Usually the error occurs when the customer does not understand every button that must be pressed. Moreover, the dial button is connected to an automatic call channel.

Incorrectly pressing the number button allows you to connect to a call with a different service. Imagine if you want to get information about insurance policies. But the button that the number chooses is precisely fixed on a certain call channel. If this happens, it’s a waste of time that you have.

Prudential call center ensures that the call error does not occur to customers. The procedure of contacting customer line service is divided into five connections. Each connection will direct the customer to the channel you want to contact. The first connection is dial 1 which directs customers to interactive automated services.

Dial 2 connects customers to channels that handle PruHospital and Surgical services. However, the connection can only be contacted every Monday to Saturday. The connection time is usually from 7 am to evening. The third dial connection serves regarding the transaction statement.

Dial 3 connection service is also available daily for 24 hours. Meanwhile, in order to connect with customer relations officers can use channel 4. The service is available daily from Monday to Saturday. Dial 0 access can be used to connect to PruMedical Network services.

Connecting Procedures with Interactive Call Center Services

Each customer can contact interactive customer service in accordance with the channel that has been given. In the channel it is divided back into several interactive connections. There are at least five connections that you can choose from when contacting the interactive services section. Each channel has its own service category.

Customers who want to get policy information can press number 1 on the telephone call. Some of the special policy information obtained from the connection is TIN or telephone identifikation number. In addition, channel 1 also contains information about the maturity of insurance premiums, the number of units and the status of the policy.

You can also still connect with interactive services around the policy in general. The 24-hour Prudential call center service  offers three general information. Such as atm payment accounts, unit prices and changes in address data and the recipient’s name. Meanwhile dial 3 is connected to PruFlyers information.

Customers can also inquire about policy service transactions. For example, changes in the use of the correspondence service that was originally from the post changed to email. You can dial the number 5 while on the phone call to receive certain information. Such a service that is suitable for the latest needs and products.

Connecting with Customer Relations Officer Steps

Before contacting the Prudential call center make sure the customer has known the telephone line according to the purpose. But what if the customer still does not understand the procedure of insurance policy services? Information about the policy is already available in channel 1. However, if it is not satisfactory, you can contact the Customer Relations Officer service.

Channel 4 Customer Line 1500085 divided into 4 connections that can be used by customers. Customers who want to consult questions about submitting a claim can press button 1 on the telephone screen. Dial 2 also allows customers to make transactions with the help of Customer Relations Officers.

Some transactions that can be done through the Customer Line connection such as the transfer of investment funds and placement of premiums. In addition, customers who want to take premium leave will be directed by the Customer Relations Officer. Even customers can make minor changes and reprint PRUHospital and Surgical cards.

Prudential call center make sure the services provided are on target and appropriate. This is realized by the Customer Relations Officer connection 3 service. In channel 3, customers can get information on cooperation policies. For example, such as cooperation policies that include certain banks.

Furthermore, there are still channel 4 that fall into the category of Sharia policy. In this channel, the customer’s telephone connection will be channeled to the Customer Relations Officer. The goal is to find out about sharia policy. However, this channel can also present information about some other policies.

In the end, Prudential always serves customers in various ways. Call Center is one of the real steps in helping customers who want to know about claims and policies. So that Prudential call center services make sure each customer is connected to the appropriate Customer Relations Officer.



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