Access shopee call center in Indonesia for various purposes
Access shopee call center in Indonesia for various purposes

Access shopee call center in Indonesia for various purposes

Shopee call center is a service intended for online buyers and sellers. Shopee is one of the largest marketplaces. In addition, this one marketplace is also the choice of millions of users. To date its users have reached tens of millions from various parts of the world.

Generally, this marketplace becomes a meeting place for sellers, buyers, expedition agents and other parties. Every year Shopee offers new innovations. For example, in terms of payment, financing the purchase of products, warranty to the delivery system. No wonder Shopee gets a high rating from its users.

One of the features provided to support users is the Shopee call center. This feature aims to facilitate access to the assistance needed by all Shopee users. Problems that are often experienced by users such as delays in refunding goods. This obstacle is usually experienced by buyers who want to return the product.

Although information about the refund of goods is available, there are still many buyers and sellers who do not understand the flow. In this case both parties need interactive customer care services. So that obstacles when refunding can be resolved without leaving disappointment from both parties.

Another problem experienced by buyers is the purchase of products in the form of credit and e-vouchers. Usually the payment has been successfully made but not accompanied by credit acceptance. Some users are also constrained when connecting e-wallet accounts and Bank accounts to Shopeepay. This is the importance of the call center provided by shopee managers.

Various Types of Shopee Call Center Services Indonesia

There are various services in the Shopee marketplace call center feature. The service is provided because of the needs of buyers and sellers. So that they can connect with cervice customers according to the problems they are facing. Call centers are also classified according to the topic of services provided by Shopee.

The first service regarding the delivery of goods through Shopee Express. The customer care service aims to support sellers who want to send goods to buyers. Call centers in this category are in accordance with the Shopee Express Seller Support program. Shopee Express itself is a delivery system managed by the company.

Shopee Express dedicated call center is available every Monday to Sunday. While live chat can be done during business hours, namely 9 am to half 8 pm. The second type of Shopee call center is in the form of email services. Email service assistance allows users to get a written response.

There are advantages to using email services. Buyers and sellers who ask questions via email can include attachments. Such as attachments to photo and video documents to support the questions asked. To connect to the call center service via email can send an email to the address

Another type is a call through a telephone line. Interactive telephone calls can be made by buyers who have problems and questions about Shopee services. Shopee customer service calls can be made through 1500702 number. The call center service for buyers is available every day for 24 hours.

Steps to Access Shopee Call Center

To access customer care services at Shopee is very easy. There are two alternatives that users can use. Both are accessing from shopee websites and applications. In order to connect with the help center service of the application is required an android smartphone. Then download the marketplace application through Google Play.

Users who have installed Shopee are usually also advised to update alias udpate to the latest version. For those who do not have a Shopee account, you should make it first. The goal is that it will be easier to access and contact the call center through the application and the official Shopee website.

The first step to connect with shopee call center by opening the new version of the application. Once the app opens click my account menu. This menu option is marked with a person icon on the far right. Some menus related to customer care services are located at the bottom.

Furthermore, users who have registered as official Shopee members can choose the Help Center menu. It is located in one line above the “Chat with Shopee” service. After entering into this one menu, users will see some questions. But the question has been accompanied by an answer.

Some of the questions and answers provided are usually about basic problems. This problem is often experienced by buyers and sellers. If the problem is not listed in this section, you can continue the menu below. At the bottom of the menu there are three alternatives. Select the telephone menu to the 1500702 number.

Benefits of Shopee Call Center for User Marketplace

Customer care is always related to customer satisfaction. Shopee’s customer assistance center is also designed for customer satisfaction needs. But in practice there are many people who feel the positive impact of call centers. Broadly speaking, all Shopee users are among those who benefit from the presence of a call center.

The first benefit of the call center is felt by sellers or sellers of online products at Shopee. Customer care is a connecting bridge between sellers and buyers who are in trouble. Sometimes there are obstacles faced by sellers when selling their products. Such as the difference of opinion when the goods have been received by the buyer.

Buyers feel that the purchased goods are not in line with expectations. While the seller has delivered the product according to the description. In these conditions, the role of Shopee call center is very important. Customer care assistance services will guide both parties to find the bright spots of the problems faced.

The second benefit is felt by Shopee users from among buyers. Buyers have high activity in the application. In one day buyers can buy products from various online stores on Shopee. Imagine the same activity being carried out by millions of other people.

This leads to prolonged over trafic visitors. The dense traffic of application visitors also causes transactions to be slow. Even some menus on the app cannot be opened. To overcome this, visitors from among buyers can contact the call center to get log in assistance.

Tricks to Contact Shopee Call Center Wisely

As a marketplace user everyone is required to be wiser. One of them is in using call center services that have been provided by Shopee. Indeed, the purpose of the help center is to help all users. But actually not all things that are a buyer or seller problem are solved through a call center.

For basic delivery time problems, for example, it has been explained through the help center menu. So that consumers can know the answer to the question without having to contact the call center via telephone call. The help center menu is also the right reading material for consumers before deciding to contact the call center.

In the help center menu there are several categories of reviews that can answer consumer questions automatically. Among them are about Shopee warranty, SPinjam, OTP code, telephone number change, and the activation of SPayLater payment methods. In addition, there is information about Shopee’s security system.

In the end, all Shopee users can get answers and solutions quickly. Buyers and sellers who both have a big share in every transaction are also easier to get help. Likewise, Shopee call centers in Indonesia can provide their role in accordance with the needs of loyal customers.


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